To My New Best Friend And Doctor – Hair Loss Healing

I’m looking for a new hair loss physician in Newport Beach, California. I have actually had a few of my friends refer me to their physicians however one pal, in specific got my attention when she informed me her physician had moved from Mission Viejo to Newport Beach and patients were going an additional 20 miles to see her!

First I will inspect online to see more about her. I found her online and was shocked at how young she looks. She must understand some secrets I don’t. That makes me wish to go to her much more. Then I learned that Dr. Khavarian is a Board Qualified Internist and has training in numerous specialties, including however not restricted to hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Hyperlipidemia, Female’s health, Weight Management, Immigration Health Clearance, Newport Hair Restoration, Suboxone Treatment, and Discoid Lupus Erythematosus.

Wow, that’s a great deal of stuff and some that I truly need.Plus she has had a lot of education and has been in practice for over ten years. Dr. Khavarian has practiced as a physician because February 2004 and has actually been Associate Medical Director of Monarch Health care IPA given that April 2007. She did her residency at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, acquired her MD at Ross University, and her BS from the University of California in San Diego. I’m persuaded that she should know a lot and it’s making me a lot more interested.Take a look at all those stars! Obviously, Dr. Khavarian deserves owning those additional miles because there are a great deal of 5-star evaluations on her and her office.

She has earned a 5-star ranking in many things, such as ease of scheduling immediate consultations, workplace environment, tidiness, comfort, and so on, personnel friendliness and courteousness, and overall wait time (waiting & test spaces).

I know when I require a physician it is usually since of an immediate matter like a bladder infection or other horrifically unpleasant thing, plus she would be excellent for me too because of my Discoid Lupus Erythematosus, high blood pressure, and weight issue. She will like me and all my health problems. But then that’s exactly what doctors like … lots of difficulties. My last doctor had such a time figuring out that I had Discoid Lupus Erythematosus. Every time I went in her office, she would call me her mystery’ patient, which was due to the fact that she could not diagnose exactly what I knew I had.

I wagered Dr. Khavaarian would have figured it out a lot earlier.Then my good friend told me that a few years ago she had lost a lot of hair and getting tearful, she told me how bad she understanding of a long period of time. But then she discovered Dr. Khavarian and she offered her some treatments and within a few months her hair had all grown back.

Wow, I practically began to sob as she informed me since I have been losing my hair and been using a wig often. My friend was sweet and informed me not to worry and Dr. K would repair me all up. If my buddy had the ability to get assist with hair remediation with Dr. Khavarian, I am absolutely going to give her a call. Hey, perhaps I can quit my wig!

Address: 320 Superior Ave #320, Newport Beach, CA 92663

Phone: (949) 645-8475